乒乓球比赛规则简单介绍:Application of pipe joint

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The pipe joint is divided into a flexible pipe joint and a rigid pipe joint.
The flexible pipe joint connection method makes the system flexible, allowing the steel pipe to have a qualitative angle deviation, and is relatively dislocation. After the steel pipe is connected, the gap between the ends of the two steel pipe ends can be adapted to the expansion and contraction of the pipe. The normal working pressure shall be maintained at the maximum allowable deflection of the pipe joint. Flexible pipe joint has the ability to bear a certain end load and capacity. End load is the ability of a pipe joint to withstand the axial load along the steel tube. The connection mode of the rigid pipe joint makes the system not flexible, and the pipe joint is clamped to form a rigid integration with the steel pipe. When the spreader span is large, the pipe is connected by self rigid support.



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